17.02.2019 17:17

seems like we had a blast. on to the next seven years of psychedelic mayhem

17.10.2018 17:14

good news everyone! 6.66 years of psychedelic mayhem

20.04.2018 17:16

lbw-fun-fact #420 demo was released four years ago

20.04.2018 13:46

my goodness! it's this time of the year again.

10.03.2018 15:01

good news everyone! from this point on in time and space our psychedelic mayhem journey will continue with angelina on vocals. brace yourselfes. #whenitsdone #soon

31.10.2017 14:28

10.23am: the melting of the tundra has begun

22.07.2017 23:00

good news everyone! it's shark week

15.07.2017 18:52

tuning is fun

03.06.2017 21:57

command center

06.04.2017 16:29

good news everyone! we were struck by a (huge) radiating cloud of creativity. so we recorded a quick video. all done in one take with our friend Darius doing the visuals at the same time. almost everything done with analog equipment (except for 1 synthesizer [out of 2], 1 videocamera) #diyordie

10.03.2017 19:44

it's getting hot in here, so prop up all your amps too loud, blew up the fuse

17.02.2017 20:54

5 years, same shit, different colour

14.01.2017 17:39

new boxbanana #lbwstyle #lbw #liquidbarbedwire #rehearsal #noise #doom #occult #chiquita #banana #boss #bosspedal #bass #overdrive #pedalboard

17.12.2016 21:00

Good news everyone! Just finished the first jam at our new rehearsal room. Shit was cash, so much more room for activities. We guess you can expect some nice - and more important: different - tunes for the future! #lbwstyle

04.12.2016 12:26

good news everyone! great depression is over. found a new rehearsal room. now we can continue our journey of psychedelic mayhem. #liquidbarbedwire #lbwstyle #band #psychedelic #instrumental #noice #noise #praisethemonolord #doom #occult #rehearsal

26.11.2016 18:08

night walks #liquidbarbedwire #lbwstyle #band #psychedelic #instrumental #noice #forest #night #noise #praisethemonolord #doom #occult

17.09.2016 12:42

Good news everyone! We finally dragged our butts to Instgram because we are so ultimatively bored without a rehearsal space. Expect some wird stuff #lbwstyle https://www.Instagram.com/liquidbarbedwire

08.09.2016 18:17

Sad news everyone! When there's no more room in hell...

09.05.2016 20:32

Bad news everyone! Another shitty ending

20.04.2016 16:07

Do it \o/

09.04.2016 22:16

When there's no more doom in hell...

02.04.2016 17:10

Good news everyone: The recording we uploaded yesterday was of course just an april fools joke.

01.04.2016 18:16

Big news everyone: Due to the loss of our holy rehearsal space in the Silver Chrack Shack we need to get rid of the drums because of loudness issues to countinue our journey of psychedelic mayhem. So new year, new synthie, new rehearsal room and new line up: Two Synthesizers, two bassguitars, three of god's own prototypes! Enjoy the new sound from Cock Lane 69

27.03.2016 20:05

Good news everyone: All praise firekat from hell \o/

20.03.2016 00:16

Good news everyone: 113 days till shark week

19.03.2016 14:58

No no

05.03.2016 11:39

Good news everyone! Good news!

26.02.2016 20:13

Good news everyone! Super phun tyme!

25.02.2016 19:59

Good news everyone! Seems like we've found our new rehearsal space.

17.02.2016 17:02

Happy birthday to us! 4 years of something.

09.02.2016 18:12

Good news everyone! Fresh shit in the pit! http://liquidbarbedwire.com/pit/

06.02.2016 22:37

Fuck you! I won't do what you tell me!

06.02.2016 20:05

the wall is also lava

06.02.2016 18:05

the ceiling is lava. lol

30.01.2016 14:05

Beware, the youth of the world is on the move! And their aim is to take over!

16.01.2016 22:00

Remember: more terratape

09.01.2016 17:36

Good news everyone: Tap, the new new one!

02.01.2016 17:30

Same shit, different year

27.12.2015 15:20

Good news everyone

07.11.2015 18:01

Meanwhile at the shack

31.10.2015 21:51

Happy Heroine Eve!

15.08.2015 15:18

Bad news everyone! Our music is so boring, Mike fell asleep last night at the end of the track we were rehearsing.

30.06.2015 11:04

Remember, remember, soon it's the 5th of november http://www.liquidbarbedwire.com/pit

27.06.2015 16:43

Lieber fett als druff #YOLO

20.06.2015 14:29

Good news everyone! We finally managed to figure out which genre we play. #progressivebanecore #shit

10.06.2015 07:51


01.06.2015 17:55

Good news everyone! We've uploaded a track we recorded saturday. Also make yourself a bookmark because in the future we will randomly put stuff there. Also fuck the norms. http://liquidbarbedwire.com/pit/

21.03.2015 14:07

Let the juices flow

09.01.2015 19:04

Hi, I'm Pat. The new one.

29.11.2014 22:26

Creative destruction

30.08.2014 16:41

Going quite well so far...

30.08.2014 14:58

We're getting ready to celebrate the 27th birthday of our beloved drummer Mike (*31.08.1987-+??.??.????)!

05.08.2014 08:43

Good news everyone: Space music actually exists. Thank you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MmWeZHsQzs

31.07.2014 05:14

Good morning everyone! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYb-VhTo2Cs

17.07.2014 18:03

Good news everyone! The demo is now also available at Ozium Records. Get it while it still lasts.

05.06.2014 11:02

Good news everyone! Jetzt gibt es auch endlich im Shop die Polycarbonatscheiben für nur zweifuffzich! Handgebrannt und durchnummeriert. Nur 77 Stück. Also kauft die Scheiße bevor sie auf dem Index landet. http://liquidbarbedwire.bandcamp.com/releases

25.05.2014 18:37

Good news everyone, look what the cat dragged in.

20.04.2014 15:37

Shit is new and stuff Good heavens, look at the time. It's fun o' clock.

20.04.2014 13:11

Und noch ein bisschen Zombie Jesus zum Osterfest. http://www.explosm.net/db/files/Comics/Kris/easter9.png

20.04.2014 13:09

Good news everyone: Demo ist fertig. Kann runtergeladen werden. CD's verspäten sich etwas, weil alles voller Pferde war. Wie bei Herr der Ringe. Also. Lunte an. Happy 420th. http://liquidbarbedwire.bandcamp.com/releases

19.03.2014 10:13

Good news everyone! Zweiter und letzter Track für die Demo ist aufgenommen. Jetzt kann das 'Mastern' beginnen. Sollte es währenddessen wider erwarten keine Angriffe von Velociraptoren geben - das Gras wird wieder höher - soll die Demo als CD und Download am 20.04 das Licht der Welt erblicken. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/420_%28cannabis_culture%29

17.03.2014 07:48

Drink and do stuff. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7En2LOUElOA

04.03.2014 06:53

Good news everyone. Für alle die die am 22.2 unseren ausverkauften Bandgeburtstagsgig verpasst haben, gibts es jetzt den mit unzähligen HD-Kameras gefilmten Livemitschnitt auf Youp... Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R35GWP5fBOE

20.02.2014 09:14

Erster Track im Kasten und fertig 'gemastert' http://liquidbarbedwire.bandcamp.com/track/immortal-snippet

27.09.2013 05:14

Good news everyone. New old shit: http://liquidbarbedwire.bandcamp.com/album/-

14.06.2013 05:14

Good news everyone. Die Band ist jetzt auch im Internetz angekommen! http://liquidbarbedwire.com/

30.05.2013 06:54

Shit is getting real. Die Band macht sich auf den Weg zur Fortbildung. https://www.facebook.com/freakvalley?fref=ts

09.05.2013 10:16

Good news everybody! New rehearsal room of doom!

09.05.2013 10:13

1. Mai

01.01.2013 23:23

Bono empfiehlt: http://liquidbarbedwire.bandcamp.com/album/silvester-demos

08.11.2012 06:08

Geht dahin! http://www.mudgate.nl